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Women symphony orchestra is a wonderful team of 70 young ladies, most of them are graduates of the Moscow Conservatoire and Gnessin's Academy of music and laureates of International music contеsts.

This unique orchestra was created in 2012 by conductor, laureate of International competitions Ksenia Zharko. The very first concert of the orchestra took place in the 10th Muz-TV Awards ceremony in Moscow sport complex "Olympic", watched by 7000 spectators and millions of TV viewers (producer Alexey Sechenov).

Another very important event was participation of the orchestra in Gala concert of the Festival "Best Winter City", organized by Government of Moscow. It was grandiose laser 3D open-air show "Christmas waltzes" with poetry, ballet, soloists, where orchestra has been playing waltzes of different nations during 2 hours. It was life broadcasted by TV-channel "Moscow 24".

During last 4 years orchestra has played with great enthusiasm several Gala concerts of the soloists of Budapest and Moscow operetta theatres Szilvi Szendi, Anita Lucas, Svetlana Krinizkaya, Vadász Zsolt, Peller Karoly and Peter Borisenko in Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatoire. This musical events became bright part of the International Festival "Hungarian days in Russia" and were devoted to important pages of Hungarian operetta's history: Imre Kalman's 130th anniversary and 100th anniversary of his "Die Csárdásfürstin".

On 7th of December 2016 orchestra performed with all stars of Russian classic and pop music in the Russian National Musical Award (kind of Russian "Grammy") in Kremlin Grand Hall. It was also broadcasted.

Orchestra is an often guest of prestigious big philharmonic and chamber concert halls, playing a wide range of music of all times and styles from classic to jazz and rock. Depending of the program and idea of the concert it can be Mahler full orchestra size, sympho-jazz, chamber, string orchestra and ensemble of 10 soloists. The orchestra regularly records CDs and music for theatre performances.

The success formula of this orchestra - high professionalism, multiplied by exclusivity and beauty of the young female musicians.

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